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White Fox Nicotine Pouch – 15mg - Papermint

White Fox Nicotine Pouch – 15mg - Papermint

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White Fox Nicotine Pouch

Offering a unique flavour combination, White Fox strong nicotine pouches are available in cans of 20. These all-white tobacco-free nicotine pouches are available in full-size slim format only. The pouch can be discreetly slipped into the mouth, where it should be placed under the top lip.

Nicotine Strength of White Fox Peppered Mint

These White Fox pouches contain 12 mg of nicotine each, making this an extra-strong product. It is recommended for experienced pouch users only.

The White Fox Brand

The White Fox brand is all about coolness, strength and innovation in the nicotine market. Hailing from the GN Tobacco stable in Sweden, this brand specialises in offering tobacco-free all-white nicotine pouches. Available in two sizes — slim and large — these pouches offer users an extra-strong nicotine hit combined with ice-cool mint flavours like White Fox peppered mint. The tins have an awesome design too!

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